Our History

Alliance Française

Founded in 1883 in Paris, the Alliance Française is an independent, not-for-profit language and cultural organisation which aim is to promote the French language around the world.

The Paris Alliance was created the following year by a board of directors featuring famous figures such as Jules Verne (author), Louis Pasteur (chemist and biologist) and Ferdinand de Lesseps (diplomat).

Many Alliance Française abroad were created since and it has been able to maintain a presence in 133 countries.

In Australia

The first Alliance Française in Australia was founded in Melbourne in 1890. The Alliance Française network in Australia is made up of 30 individual branches.

The 6 capital Alliances (Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth) are managed by French expatriates seconded from the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs while the 24 regional Alliances including Townsville are fully self-funded and mainly managed by committees made up volunteers.     

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